#130 Interview with Christian Bullock full time freelance phpBB style designer

Written on:July 19, 2012
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Note: This interview is the new record holder of being the biggest – most detailed interview on IY with having 7194 words. Previously the record holder was this interview with 4099 words.

Interview with Christian Bullock

A interview with Christian Bullock a 21 year old guy from the UK. Known for his phpBB styles on phpBB.com and around. He does it as a full time job and makes his living from it. He is also working on a new project of his named: BBCustomize. A forum where he would give style support and offer tools and tutorials to customize your own forum and more… Read more about it in the interview below.

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1. Max Pen: Could you tell us a bit more about yourself so the readers know who you are? Can you also tell us the story of how you came up with the usernames Christian 2.0 and Murder he Wrote?

Christian Bullock: Hi, I’m Christian. I’m a 21 year guy from the UK, working as a full time self employed front-end developer (specialising in phpBB, an open source forum software for websites). I spend a crazy amount of time online, but love every second of it. The internet is an amazing place. In my free time my interests include Interior Design, Music, attending concerts and film. British artists are amongst my favourite, specifically the likes of Muse, Blur. Other favourites include Max Melvin, Air, Delerium, Enigma, Moby, Royksopp and Amethystium.

Online I am known under a couple of identities:

  1. Christian – my name.
  2. Christian 2.0 – this was derived from my real name. The 2.0 version is used when “Christian” is already registered (this happens quite a lot).
  3. MhW or Murder he Wrote – Probably the username most people reading this will be familiar with. It was inspired by the title of a popular TV show called “Murder she wrote” . I never intended it to be a username that stuck, but for whatever reason it did.

2. Max Pen: How did you get into forums? Have you ever owned a forum yourself? If so can you tell us a bit more about it? (How you came up with the name, what it was for, what software it was on, etc…)

Christian Bullock: I was first introduced to the concept of forums about 7 years ago (I was 14 at the time) whilst wasting time in high school. Back then I had a healthy interest in Coldplay (by “healthy interest” I mean by parents played it in the car a lot and it was the only music I knew). One day whilst browsing their official website I stumbled across the forum. Unfamiliar with forums or the concept of forums, it was a little bit alienating – I didn’t quite know how they worked and what to do there. As a child I was always taught that the internet was a dangerous place, and places like chat rooms / forums should be avoided. Regardless, I registered and began clicking around.

It wasn’t until around a month later I actually began posting. Remember, this was my first experience communicating with other people on the internet. In addition to being a 14 year child in the real world (so therefore, lacking many life skills), I was also unaware of forum etiquette and the way to properly conduct yourself online. Quite quickly it became apparent I was unpopular with the tight-knit community, and found myself having many needless arguments with the older members. It’s fair to say that in hindsight, I was something of a troll figure – not maliciously – just the way I acted annoyed people. I was an active member there for 2-3 years until the forum got shut down (no longer was it there to discuss coldplay’s music, rather just a facility for the people who met there to chat to each other). It’s fair to say like many young forum users, the idea of obtaining a high post count and somehow thinking that lead to greater respect fascinated me. Of course, it doesn’t and didn’t.

Prior to the coldplay forum closing down, I became familiar with phpBB through the copyright notice at the bottom of the page (coldplay forum ran phpbb 2.0.something). The idea of running my own forum was fascinating – the fame, the power, being able to dictate a community , I had never been in charge of anything before. Of course we all know that’s not what forums are about and dictatorship is definitely not the way to run them. I didn’t know that at the time, and began looking into setting up my own forum in greater detail. Although I wasn’t completely familiar with web hosting / servers / databases / domain names etc.. , what I did know is that I wanted to start a forum but couldn’t afford the expensive hosting costs. Back then there was no such thing as good $3/month hosting.

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#129 Interview with Kyle aka Lucky founder of Promotion Shock

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#129 Interview with Kyle aka Lucky founder of Promotion Shock

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