#128 Interview with Erik aka Aoenian a hardcore gamer and C&C fan

Written on:July 17, 2012
Last modified on: July 17, 2012 @ 7:49 PM
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Interview with Erik aka Aoenian

A interview with Erik aka Aoenian, a 18 year old guy from Sweden.  He considers himself a hardcore gamer and big time C&C fan. He has won 2 Logitech G9 mice, around 10 t-shirts, about 50 EA games and around 800 dollars in cash. Check out more in the interview below.

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1. Max PenCould you tell us a bit more about yourself so the readers know who you are?
Erik: Hello! My name is Erik and I am from Sweden. I’m 18 years old (will be 19 later this year.) and I’ve been a gamer since my childhood. Other things I like to do is skiing, playing football, running and partying with mates.

2. Max PenAt what age did you start with gaming? What platforms have you played on so far? Which platform is your favorite one and why?
Erik: I think I started with gaming when I was 3-5 years old. Instead of being at a kindergarten like most friends did, I was at my grandmother and grandfather. That’s why I came into gaming, because they had a Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Playstation 1, Nintendo 64 and a PC which I played on. I also watched when I was little at the Playstation 2 when my uncle played on it, I think it was GTA or something.

So far I have played on all consoles I said above, but have also played on Playstation 3, Xbox, Xbox 360, Gamecube, Nintendo DS and a few different versions of Gameboys.

All consoles I have at my home now are a Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Playstation 1, Gamecube, Wii, Gameboy and a PC. I haven’t really played the Nintedo 64 that I have here at home now, but my Uncle was going to sell it, but I didn’t allow him to do it.

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#127 Interview with Chris ex. editor of his local newspaper and wishes to become a journalist

Written on:July 16, 2012
#127 Interview with Chris ex. editor of his local newspaper and wishes to become a journalist

A interview with Chris a 16 year old guy from Australia. He used to run the local newspaper of his town and wants to become a journalist.