#91 Interview With Website Designer

Written on:April 24, 2011
Last modified on: April 26, 2011 @ 7:02 PM
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Name: Alex (death180)
Age: 16
Location: United States, mid-west is all I will say.
Site(s): http://death180.com and another coming in the near future.
Short Bio: I’m 16, I live in the United States. I love to play games, watch videos on youtube, make videos for youtube, and anything computer or internet related. I am also in highschool and I play paintball so that soaks up part of my day. But that’s really it.

Today we have an interview with a skilled website designer who takes prides in making simple but effective designs.

Would You Consider Your Site To Be Your Portfolio?
Kind of, I am planning on adding an actual portfolio of my work to my site in the future, but for right now it does serve it’s purpose as ‘part’ of my portfolio. What I’m trying to say is that it is pretty close to a portfolio, but that’s not it’s sole purpose.

Why Did You Create Death180?
I created it as a personal site for myself, and a way to showcase my work (once I had some work to show), and kind of a way for people to communicate with me, to show off future projects and hopefully make it another way to advertise. Although the real ‘purpose’ of the site has kind of fluctuated a bit over the past couple months, it still serves it’s primary purpose as a personal site for myself.

Are You Happy With Your Forums Growth?
Yes I am very happy, I didn’t anticipate it to grow so big so fast, even though I had it closed down for a couple weeks because activity slowed, once I opened back up people started returning on their own and bringing friends with them.

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#90 PhpBB Communities a large fan site focused around phpbb, new owner Grumpy interviewed (featured)

Written on:April 23, 2011
#90 PhpBB Communities a large fan site focused around phpbb, new owner Grumpy interviewed (featured)

A interview done with the new owner Grumpy of PhpBB Communities. In this interview we talk about his role he had in the past on the the hazey, how he got involved into that site and eventually also got involved with the current site he owns now.