#141 A interview with one of the producers of Walking In Circles season 2!

Written on:July 17, 2013
Last modified on: July 17, 2013 @ 6:10 PM
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Hello everyone,

Today’s interview is with Adam Rady co-creator of the web-series Walking In circles. This is our second interview for our first interview please check this out:  #138 Interview with Adam Rady co-creator of Walking In Circles


Latest video release:

(1) Max Pen: What has been the hardest to accomplish in season 2?
Adam Rady:

The hardest thing for us to accomplish for season two was pulling together the resources to do the show on the scale we wanted. We needed everything to be bigger, better, and more epic. Our experiences in creating Season 1 gave us the know how to pull it off, but we didn’t have much in the way of money. That’s where crowd funding and the generosity of our friends, family, and fans came in.

(2) Max Pen: Did you learn anything new from creating season 2? (Regarding production, acting, special effects, stunts, locations, etc…)
Adam Rady:

Every time we pick up a camera we learn something new. Season 1 taught us a lot about creating a show, but one of the most important things it taught us was that there was a TON more to learn. Season 2 built on the basics that we learned earlier. We learned about coordinating a larger crew, we learned about filming with new and different types of equipment that we didn’t have access to in Season 1. We learned what it was like to organize an extended, on location shoot. It definitely gave us a sense of expanding our capabilities and shooting for even bigger next time around.

(3) Max Pen: Will walking in Circles remain a web series or are you gearing towards making it an TV series one day?

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Moved from host

Written on:June 9, 2013
Moved from host

Hello all, I moved to a hosting account provided to me by a friend of mine. This hosting has more resources and is faster then the previous fail host. I had to wait to long 6 days+ and that is enough for me to just give it up and move to an other host. For which it just takes me 24 hours to finish everything up smoothly. I promise there…