#138 Interview with Adam Rady co-creator of Walking In Circles

Written on:August 15, 2012
Last modified on: February 11, 2013 @ 7:13 PM
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Interview with Adam Rady

A interview with Adam Rady co-creator of the web series: Walking In Circles. He is a 27 year old male from the USA who likes to entertain people, watch movies and more!  

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1. Max Pen: Could you tell us a bit more about yourself so the readers know who you are?

Adam Rady: Of course. I’m the co-creator, producer, director, editor, and one of the stars of the web series, Walking In Circles. That’s a lot of hats to wear, but when you are dealing with low to no budget, you have to learn to juggle a lot of responsibilities.

2Max Pen: Who or what got you into studying for film production? Did you have any other courses in mind you wanted to study for or was being an actor/director and stuff always what you wanted to do as job?

Adam Rady: My journey into entertainment happened at a late stage in life. I was approaching  the second semester of my sophomore year in college and I still had not chosen a major. I had never acted before, used a camera very rarely, and knew nothing about producing. I had however, spent an entire lifetime living in daydreams and finding myself escaping into movies or television that I liked. When a friend of mine loaned me the DVD of Firefly, the deal was sealed. I realized then that I needed to be a part of something like that. Shortly after watching all 13 episodes and the behind the scenes available I declared my major. The next day I signed up to audition for the school play: The Count of Monte Cristo. I didn’t get the lead.

3Max Pen: What did you do for work or stuff related to that after you graduated from Westminster College in 2007? Was it hard finding work at the start?

Adam Rady: After graduating I knew that a move to Los Angeles was what needed to happen. I spent almost two years saving up money for the eventual move. Along the way I convinced my best friend and writer of Walking In Circles, James Rodehaver, to make the move with me. I took parts in community theater both in Cleveland and, after the move, in Los Angeles. The entire purpose of creating Walking In Circles was so that I wouldn’t have to worry about people telling me “no” anymore. It’s difficult to get yourself noticed and even more difficult to get in the door after being noticed. I decided that my approach to being noticed, would be to do it myself.

4Max Pen: Can you tell us what the 5 most important things are that you learned from studying film production? And also 5 other really important things that you learned from experience?

Adam Rady: I don’t know about picking out what I learned from where, but I can definitely relay a few things that I have come to learn about making film, whether in studying it, or creating it. First: turn the camera on. You can’t do anything unless you put yourself out there and try to make it happen. Second: turn the microphone on. Sound is exceptionally important. Without it, a great film becomes an ok film. Third: do whatever it takes. When filming, so many things can go wrong. Equipment can break, actors can get sick or quit, locations can become unusable, etc. Find a way to push through. It doesn’t matter what it is, don’t ever stop dreaming and come up with what works with what you have, even if it’s just smoke and mirrors. Because that’s what filming is.

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