#11 Ryan R, Owner Of PostLoop.com

Written on:December 1, 2010
Last modified on: January 6, 2011 @ 5:39 PM
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Web designer Ryan has accepted to have an interview today about his wonderful new site: http://postloop.com .Thanks for accepting the review Ryan! Also thanks for making it such high quality.

Why Did You Create Postloop?

There are lots and lots of forum owners out there setting up post exchanges themselves. I’ve been there before, and the process of finding somebody to exchange posts with is not easy. You spend a lot of time looking for those people and then setting up and maintaining the post exchange itself. I had an idea for a great way around all of the hassle of post exchanges, and that is with Postloop. Starting a new forum is not easy because of all of the competition. It’s extremely difficult to find members and get them to post. Postloop will make this easier on all new forum owners. I’ve been involved with forums for a very long time and want to continue to see them succeed. Anything I can do to make this happen, I will do.

How Does Postloop Work? Read more…

1 Week after launch and we are doing good!

Written on:December 1, 2010
1 Week after launch and we are doing good!

Hello IY people! Today marks the 10th day of us being online-live to everyone. We released our blog on the 21th of November, that was the major release. On the 20th it was released we could say to people in private, as a beta release. Who could have toughed our idea-project would get so much good feedback? When I installed the blog and forums on the 3th of November with…