#10 Matthew 16 year old forum user and staff on Forum Promotion interviewed

Written on:November 30, 2010
Last modified on: July 5, 2011 @ 2:13 PM
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I got contacted by one of the community team members of FP asking to be interviewed. I am honoured to present to all readers the following interview with Matthew, ex. staff on Forum Spotlight and ex. packager on The Hazey. Currently he is a global moderator on Forum Promotion, the biggest and best promotion site.

(1)Max Pen: Give us a short introduction about yourself so the readers know a bit more about you.
 Well, what is there to say? I’m Matthew, a 16 year old forum user. In real life, I love to play basketball and football, I’m an avid reader, I love eating (who doesn’t? ), I love sleeping, and I love being with my friends/family/girlfriend. You’ll constantly see me mention two of my family members. These would be my niece and nephew. I also mention my cat, Felix, who I’ve had since I was 3 years old!

(2)Max Pen: You first registered on FP under the name of “Matthew”. Now your name is Matt Skellington. Did you change your fist name to “Matt” as most people called you that instead of Matthew ? And is “Skellington” your last real name?
 Actually, I fully intend to change my name back to Matthew as soon as the Christmas season is back! You may not have noticed, but, during the Halloween season I changed my name to Dumbledore for the events I threw. Dumbledore was my “costume” on FP. Now, it’s Christmas time and like so many others, I felt like getting into the Christmas cheer.

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#9 Someone Related to Bill Gates interviewed

Written on:November 28, 2010
#9 Someone Related to Bill Gates interviewed

Interview with someone who is family with Bill gates. Learn more about the person in question, when he sees Bill Gates. His personal exp. with him.