#2 Small interview with Germany resident

Written on:November 17, 2010
Last modified on: January 3, 2011 @ 7:12 PM
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Name: Unknown (Anonymous)

Location: Germany

Age: 16

Sex: Unknown

Max Pen: Have you ever been to the beer fest in München?

Anonymous: Nope, never was in München.

Max Pen: Which country has the best beer?

Anonymous: I think stuttgart has the best beer.

Max Pen: Name 5 things you like about Germany 

Anonymous: I like the music here, weather is great, people are friendly.(4) Mainz, its an old town and very nice, for example the mainzer dom oh I love it!! (5) I like the sea, nordsea, or how u say.. Its a bit cold, but very nice, beautiful….and I like lena of course! yeah.

Max Pen: Who is Lena?

Anonymous: Eurovsion Song Winner Lena from Germany

Max Pen: Which country do you think should have won Eurovsion 2010 instead of Germany?

Anonymous: I think Belgium and Turkey were the best.

Alright thank you for your time, we appreciate this short interview with you.

#1 Interview with worker @ Goldman Sachs

Written on:November 17, 2010
#1 Interview with worker @ Goldman Sachs

A interview made with a worker at the big American bank “Goldman Sacks”.

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